Medicare-Rebated Consultation with Psychologist 50 minutes
(Requires referral with GP Mental Health Care Plan)
$158.35$93.35$65.00 per session
Medicare-Rebated Consultation with Accredited Mental Health Social Worker 50 minutes
(Requires referral with GP Mental health Care Plan)
$147.30$82.30$65.00 per session
Private Health Insurance Consultation 50 minutes$180.00As per your policyInsurer to advise
Private self-funded Consultation 50 minutes$180.00--
Late Cancellation Fee$65.00Not eligible for Medicare rebate-

(Please click on ‘Late cancellation fees’ below for more information)

Neuropsychology Assessment and report Available – Clinician to quote

Psychometric Assessment services Available – Clinician to quote

Relationship Counselling Contact office for Clinician availability