Clear Thinking Mental Health Group has a strong focus on helping people to help themselves. This idea is at the very core of the Clear Thinking Mental Health Group approach. We also believe that all psychological treatments provided by Clear Thinking Mental Health Group should be evidenced based, that is to say they have been researched and found to be effective. The psychological treatments and strategies that may be utilized varies depending on the reason someone is seeing a psychologist. The focus however is on helping the person understand their experiences or difficulties, and then assisting them develop strategies and techniques to move forward in their life. Treatments and strategies used may include correcting unhelpful thinking or behavioural patterns, improving stress management skills, becoming expert in problem solving techniques, enhancing communication and assertiveness skills, moving past previous bad experiences, relationship improvement strategies, goal setting and achievement methods, learning how to predict and prevent relapse or a wide range of other techniques designed to meet the particular needs of our clients.