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About Us and the NDIS
Clear Thinking Mental Health Group provides a new treatment option within the Ballarat region. We use a strengths based and solution focused ‘whole of person’ approach to consider the multiple elements affecting your life.Our Goal is to provide a comprehensive, and coordinated approach to meet the needs of all people experiencing disability challenges in a non-discriminatory manner with respect to age, ability, gender, sexual identity, culture religion or spirituality. We support NDIS participants to live the life they want and in ways they choose. We take the time to get to know you and focus on what you want to achieve and we respect your right to privacy and dignity.We are a non-discriminatory practice with respect to age, ability, gender, sexual identity, culture religion or spirituality.The four main approaches we use are:
Therapeutic supports
Mental Health Nursing Assessment support
Behaviour support
In order to establish whether what we provide marries up with your plan please feel free to contact us for further information.
The idea of Therapeutic Support
is to assist with functional skills in order to improve participation and independence in daily practical activities. We can provide assistance a with interpersonal

interactions and community involvement in ways that support positive changes in a person’s functioning, development and wellbeing.

Specific to therapeutic supports we provide psychosocial functional assessment, psychological counselling and can to assist with community involvement.

Mental Health Nursing Care

provides physical and mental health assessment, treatment, counselling and assistance to improve daily living where it is impacted by your disability. This can occur provided sufficient time is available within your package.

Our Mental Health Nurses can:

  • Provide an individualised health care assessment to assist you to create your health care plan
  • Work with you to identify your goals and support you to achieve them
  • Monitor adherence and response to prescribed mental health medications and liaise with your GP or NP
  • Provide health related education and support to live a healthy and satisfying life
  • Network with others on our team (nurse practitioner, psychologist and social workers), and with other providers to assist collaborative care.

Behaviour Support

Some people with disability exhibit behaviour that can be of concern and can include those that cause harm to self or others. This behaviour may cause physical or emotional hardship, or limit the person’s ability to fully engage with their community.

We work to determining the reason for a behaviour of concern and provide targeted strategies on how to support the person to decrease their reliance on using that behaviour to meet their needs. We then work to develop strategies that build on a person’s strengths and to develop positive relationships, communication and coping skills.

We employ evidenced based educational approaches to address challenging behaviour and recognise that behaviour is a way of communicating. Positive behaviour support can be helpful when a person is misunderstanding something e.g. a life event, or someone in their life or when going through big changes that they might not fully understand.

It is also useful to reduce the impact of mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression.